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IBOR Disclosures (including LIBOR)

Certain interest rate benchmarks are subject to ongoing international and other regulatory guidance and proposals for reform (Reforms). The interest rate benchmarks which are the current subject of Reforms include U.S dollar LIBOR, British pound sterling LIBOR, Swiss Franc LIBOR, Japanese Yen TIBOR, Japanese Yen LIBOR, EUR LIBOR, EURIBOR and Euroyen TIBOR (IBORS). 

Any change in the performance of an IBOR benchmark or its discontinuation could have a material adverse effect which may materially impact the economics of transactions that have a nexus with IBOR benchmarks. Disclosure relating to the potential discontinuation of interbank Offered Rates (including LIBOR) can be accessed using the link below; 

IBOR Disclosure Document


Accredited Investors - Singapore

Explanation of effect of being treated as an accredited investor (351KB)


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