International trade

International trade International trade

As a leader in trade finance in Australia, and with the increasing magnitude of trade flows between Australia and Asia (predicted to double in the next 4 years), import/export logistics are a key focus for us.

Our innovative and integrated approach across commodities, foreign exchange and supply chain management, is backed by the insight and experience of local trade teams based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Mumbai.

Export products and services

  • Documentary Letter of Credit Advising and Confirmation
  • Transferable Documentary Letter of Credit
  • Documentary Letter of Credit Negotiation / Discounting
  • Export Documentary Collection
  • Export Bill Financing under Documentary Collections
  • Export Trade Finance, including pre and post shipment finance
  • Receivables Discounting
  • Payment Guarantees
  • Standby Letters of Credit and Guarantees.

Import products and services

  • Import Letters of Credit
  • Import Documentary Collection
  • Import Finance.

Electronic documentation solutions
Contact us to arrange a customised presentation from our Sales team on our wide range of industry recognised eTrade solutions.